Our Services

Advisory services:

We answer insurance and investment queries, provide information about different types of insurance and investment options. We also suggest actions a client may take to solve their insurance or investment problem.

Program Design:

We establish different types of insurance cover required, we solicit for quotes, we negotiate terms, make recommendations on the base coverage options.We compute the premiums payable.

Contracts Management:

We follow up in processing of insurance documentation, review current insurance documents and point out any discrepancies, we make sure the insurance contracts are in line with your business requirements, we manage insurance renewal process.


We advise clients on when they need to make insurance claims. We handle all insurance claim related activities such as claim notifications, collection of claim documents, claim cost computations, negotiation and settlement.

Relationship Management:
We interact with our clients on a regular basis in an effort to improve our service towards them.

Training Services:

We provide training on various classes of insurance, insurance processes and claims procedures, as well as underwriting terms and conditions